Apurva Nakade

I'll be a postdoc at University of Western Ontario starting Fall 2019. I'll be working with Dan Christensen and Chris Kapulkin.
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Research Statement


I work in the area of algebraic topology and homotopy theory. In my research I attempt to apply homotopy theoretical techniques to study problems from geometry, symplectic topology, knot theory, representation theory, and mathematical physics.


Spectral lifts of Soergel bimodules joint with V. Lorman
(in preparation)
An application of H-principle to Manifold Calculus (submitted to Homotopy, Homology, and Applications)
Protein folding using Markov chains Information Processing Letters, IPL4801
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Too much sanity may be madness
and the maddest of all,
to see life as it is
and not as it should be.

When not doing math...